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The Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound manages a collection of recorded music and associated items and is one of the largest private collections of its kind in Europe.

The collections are open to the public.

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Unknown folk song

Arne Dørumsgaard (baritone)

We need your help identifying this song. Read more about our Mysteries series

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The Others - A Gramophone Project 2017-2018


Most have heard of Kirsten Flagstad and possibly Ivar Andresen (who figures on the IFA candies). Those were singers with big international careers. But there is also a string of other singers who had a career both in Norway and abroad. In this project, we will start with "The Others" who were born before 1940, and who have recorded some inn 78-records. The project will consist a physical exhibition, a virtual exhibition online and a series of soundful presentations.

But first... we start with an Open House on June 6th, launching the project with a presentation by Professor Dahl at the Sound Institute. Note: it will be in Norwegian (click Read more for an info-pdf in Norwegian)

Christmas exhibition

Audio Advent Calendar 2016

November 11. 2016

As Our special tradition, the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound again invites to a musical Advent Calendar with samples from the rich collections located in Stavanger. This year again, it is our Argentinian-Danish Music Librarian who has done the selection!

Christmas exhibition

Gunnar Sandvold - centenary celebration

December 15. 2015

This year, it is a 100 years since the Stavanger artist Gunnar Sandvold was born. We are celebrating him through our Musical Audio Advent Calendar and Per Dahl has written a small biogragraphic article on his life and work.

Christmas exhibition

Audio Advent Calendar 2015

November 10. 2015

As Our special tradition, the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound again invites to a musical Advent Calendar with samples from the rich collections located in Stavanger. This year, it is our new music librarian who has made up the selection!

Christmas exhibition

Audio Advent Calendar 2014

November18. 2014

Once again, the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound invites You to a musical advent calendar with digitized recordings from the collection. This year's theme is Italian singers in the Italian repertoire - with the exception of what we deem appropriate. With this theme, we go right into Arne Dørumsgaards vision for the record collection at the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound, namely to study the old vocal performance traditions found in the earliest sound recordings from over 100 years ago towards our own time.

Christmas exhibition

Audio Advent Calendar 2013

November 27. 2013

Welcome to the 2013 Musical Advent Calendar from the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound! This year we follow Arne Dorumsgaard vision for the collection and presents Edvard Grieg's music in historical recordings.

During December, we present 78 rpm discs right from 1904 until 1950, and we focus on one performer each day. Adjust your ears to go on a musical journey through the pops and clicks of old records way back to the beginning of the 1900s and Edvard Grieg's own time.

Christmas exhibition

Audio Advent Calendar 2012

November1. 2012

It's snowing and raining outside, but inside the premises of the Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound in Stavanger you get the Christmas feeling. We have decorated for Christmas by exhibiting the recordings belonging to this season. And according to our special tradition, we will present to our web audience a Christmas Calendar filled with historical recordings from our collections.

Johan Sebastian Bach

Easter Exhibition - St. Matthew Passion

21th March 2012

We follow up the feedback we got on our past sound exhibitions, and continue with music for the Easter holidays. This year we have selected Bach's St. Matthew Passion and during the Easter holyday, we will post recitatives, arias and choral movements from this magnificent work. The recording dates from the year 1942.


Audio Advent Calendar 2011

November 1. 2011

From 1 December we will have our annual advent calendar, featuring a new recording clip each day until Christmas Day. These are digitalised extracts from pre-1960 recordings - many of them treasures from early 78s (such as Caruso singing "Sancta Maria"). Enjoy!

Our exhibition with record covers of Peer Gynt recordings are back online

Peer Gynt-exhibition back online

April 29. 2011

The Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound has made an exhibition of all LP covers from recordings of the Peer Gynt music of Edvard Grieg which is housed at the institute. The exhibition has travelled the world, and is now finally available on our website again.

Easter music exhibition with Handel's Messiah

Audio exhibition: Listen to Handel's Messiah for Easter

April 15. 2011

We follow up the great success we had with our Christmas calendar with a musical treat for Easter. Throughout Easter we will publish arias, choruses and orchestral pieces from Handel's Messiah on our web site. All the music clips presented are from the same recording, which was made in London in 1906 and released on 78 records in various editions since then.

We need help identifying mystery recordings

New mystery: Music from a mime

March 1. 2011

We continue our series where we ask our readers to help identify the music on unlabeled discs. This time the man who is known for the "art of silence" gives us trouble when he breaks the silence.

If you look up in a dictionary under the word "mime", you would most likely find a picture of Marcel Marceau. But as a recording artist, he is not the first name that comes to mind, so what could be on a record labeled Marcel Marceau?

We need help identifying mystery recordings

New series: Mysteries from the archives

Feb 2. 2011

We are working continuously to catalog our ever-increasing collections, but some records present us with bigger challenges than others. Sometimes we are able to identify such mysteries ourselves, but some records are such great challenges that we come to a standstill. Therefore, we now ask our knowledgeable readers for help. In the series Mysteries from the archive we will post some of these records that we are unable to decode, in the hope that some of our readers can show off their skills and knowledge where we are at the end of ours. The first mystery is a record filled with love, but not all of the songs are as easy to recognize: Help us solve this mystery!

Beethoven's Emperor Concerto

Listening course: Beethoven's Emperor Concerto

Jan 6. 2010

The Listening courses have started again for the semester and first piece up is Beethoven's fifth piano concerto, better known as the Emperor Concerto.This piece replaces Strauss' Ein Heldenleben, which originally was on the agenda. In connection with this course we have put together an exhibition with several of the recordings of this concerto found in our collections. In addition we present a taste of the concerto on our website through a short excerpt from one of the recordings in the exhibition.


Advent Calendar 2010

Nov 22. 2010

Time flies, and the Christmas season is upon us again. The streets and trees are dressed in Christmas garb with lights and ribbons, the smell of gingerbread and mulled wine is teasing the nostrils, and the Christmas candy that have been in stores since October can now be enjoyed with a good conscience. True to tradition, Norwegian Institute of Recorded Sound serves a 24 course musical meal as an early Christmas present to everyone. Enjoy!

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