Julekalender 2013 - December 16th : Emmy Bettendorf

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Advent Calendar 2013

December 16th - Emmy Bettendorf

We continue the Peer Gynt theme today too, and presents another recording of Solveig's Song, this time starring Emmy Bettendorf in a recording from 1929. Bettendorf was one of the truly great vocal stars in the interwar period, and made a lot of legendary recordings.

The version of Solveig We presents today is scored for soprano and orchestra, as originally written by Grieg. In December 10th. We presented a version with soprano and piano with Magna Lyckset-Skjerven. That recording was from 1904, and part of the reason why the only accompanying instrument was the piano comes from the fact that it was not possible to make good sounding orchestral recordings by the acoustic recording technique. In 1926, however, the electric recording technique using a microphone enabled recordings with major orchestras. Listen to the sound of the orchestra on today’s record, and compare with the recording from 1904. One can clearly imagine how the recording technique has improved in the 25 years that separates these recordings.

Emmy Bettendorf was born in Frankfurt in 1895, and began to study singing at an erarly age. She made her debut at the Frankfurt Opera in 1914 and in the period from 1916 to 1920 she was employed at the opera in Schwerin. From 1920 she was employed at the Staatsoper Berlin, and from 1924 to 1928, at the Städtische Oper in the same city. At the same time she sang at Zoppot Festival in Holland and at the operas in Madrid and Barcelona. Due to illness she retired from the stage after 1928, but continued with a series of gramophone recordings. During World War II she lived in Garmisch and sang for soldiers in the battle fields. After the war, she taught at the Hochschule der Musik in Berlin until 1952. She died in 1963.

The record containing Solveig's Song was recorded on Parlophpne in 1929 and is one of about 300 recordings she made during her career as a phonogram artist.

Grieg: Solveig's Song

Solveig's Song<

Listen to the record

Company: Parlophone
Commercial number: E 10867
Matrix number: 2-21242
Recording year: 1929

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