Advent Calendar 2015 - December 2nd - Les Cloches

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Advent Calendar 2015

December 2nd - Les Cloches

Today’s Calendar entry presents to you organ music played on a very special instrument in Denmark!

Compenius-orgelet på Frederiksborg slott

Compenius-orgelet på Frederiksborg slott.

«Les Cloches» (The bells) is an organ composition by the French baroque composer, organist and cembalist Nicolas Le Begue (1631-1702). The organist Finn Viderø plays one of the most famous organs: The Compenius organ at Frederiksborg castle in Denmark. The organ is a fantastic instrument from 1610. It needs two persons to give air while the organist plays the instrument.

Nicolas Le Begue: Les Cloches

Les Cloches

Listen to the record

Company: his Master's Voice
Commercial number: DA 5207
Matrix number: OCS.751
Recording year: Ca. 1950?

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