Advent Calendar 2015 - December 25th : Christmas fun

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Advent Calendar 2015

Bonus: December 25th - Christmas fun

Christmas Day, it is now time to sit back and enjoy the mood of Christmas, and then maybe have some Christmas fun in the evening.

Nisser som spiller

Santas playing

I will never forget my first Scandinavian Christmas Eve, it took place in Denmark, in Hillerslev on Funen almost in the middle of the country at a very handsome place. I was together with friends from Geneva, my fiancé’s family and of course my fiancé. That was the moment I was introduced to the Danish Christmas Traditions: There was roosted pork, caramelized potatoes, red cabbage, and many other delicious things... Wine, beer and schnapps in abundance.... After the dinner, we had the Christmas gifts, then the Christmas tree candles were lighted and everyone started to sing and dance around the Christmas tree. I was also impressed by the large music repertoires they had. It was a wonderful Christmas Eve!

Now I will experience my first Christmas in Norway, and I am learning about Norwegian Christmas music and traditions. Therefore, I will share a record that I found in our archives. I think that this is a really happy and nice potpourri of Norwegian Christmas music!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Jolly Kramer Johansen: Christmas fun

Christmas fun

Listen to the record

Company: Odeon
Commercial number: D 3175
Matrix number: 180827 a
Recording year: 193?

Listen to music for Christmas

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