Julekalender 2015 - December 7th : I Love You

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Advent Calendar 2015

December 7th - I Love You

A Christmas Present can also be a leaf of new music!

Lovely cats

Lovely cats

Sometimes a piece of "classical" music becomes a popular hit. Today for instance, you will listen to one of Grieg's most played works: "I love you" from the Op.5 song, played by the Paul Godwin quartet. There are more than 300 different versions of this song, including one by Frank Sinatra!

Grieg has composed the piece to his fiancé who got it for Christmas in 1864. The lucky lady was the singer Nina Hagerup, who later became Grieg’s wife. Think! How much love in a Christmas present! H. C. Andersen wrote the poem at a time when he was platonic in love with Riborg Voigt.

An interesting curiosity is the fact that this record actually has travelled all the way from Buenos Aires to Norway, it was originally bought in "Casa Romero y Fernandez" in March 12th 1932.

Edvard Grieg: I Love You

I Love You

Listen to the record

Company: Polydor
Commercial number: 21702
Matrix number: B 49261 R 808 BR II
Recording year: 193?

Listen to music for Christmas

If You want to listen to music for Christmas as well, you can go to the past music advent calendars. You find the links for Desember 7th. below.

2008: Lover den Herre den Mæktige Konge sung by Chr. F. Saabye in 1909

2009: Two contralto arias from the oratorio Messiah, by Georg Friedrich Händel.

2010: Agnus Dei by Georges Bizet

2011: Pastorale by Domenico Zipoli

2012: Towards Evening by Agathe Backer Grøndahl and Over the High Mountains by Halfdan Kjerulf.

2013: Folk Song and Humoresque by Edvard Grieg

2014: Lucrezia Bori performs Addio del Passato from La Traviata av Verdi

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